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About The Merrimack

Merrimack County Savings Bank was founded in 1867 to serve the people of Concord, New Hampshire and the surrounding counties. From that day to this, The Merrimack has remained a mutually-owned institution, directed not by a group of outside stockholders, but by the people who matter most - our customers, our employees and our community.

We believe our long history of success derives mainly from our unique philosophy of business, which we call Merrimack Style. Merrimack Style means that we:

  • Deliver excellent value at a fair price.
  • Respect our customers, and strive to develop lasting customer relationships based on personal service and mutual trust.
  • Accept responsibility for our actions.
  • Adhere to unquestioned honesty and integrity, and remain prudent stewards of our customers’ money.
  • Provide stability and reliability in the marketplace over the long term.
  • Deliver enduring community leadership and support as a good corporate citizen.
  • Treat our employees with dignity and respect, and nurture their personal and professional growth.

Our mission is to be an ethical provider of high quality financial services designed to be responsive to customers within our service area. As a mutually owned savings bank, we are committed to maintaining prudent stewardship of our resources and preserving long-term financial stability while fostering the economic health and well-being of our community.

Merrimack County Savings Bank has been granted Preferred and SBAExpress lender status by the Small Business Administration (SBA).

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Merrimack County Savings Bank Foundation

Founded in May of 1997 Merrimack County Savings Bank Foundation was formed to provide financial support to non-profit organizations which exist in and benefit the communities of Merrimack County Savings Bank. Learn more about the Merrimack County Savings Bank Foundation.